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Vegan Society (Sighthill)

Veganism is a lifestyle that does not contribute to or participate in the suffering, death and exploitation of animals; we believe that animals should be free from harm and human exploitation. Animal agriculture is the main cause of climate change and contributes to, deforestation, species extinction, pollution and world hunger. A plant based diet has been scientifically proven to improve human health and can prevent and completely revert some health problems and diseases.

The Vegan Support Association aims to build a community within college and make connections with students across campuses to make college a more enjoyable experience for students. This support network will allow us to come together and exchange ideas as to how we can achieve this and make college a happier place for the vegan community. It is really important that our voices are heard and by coming together, we can create a positive change by raising awareness throughout Edinburgh College. We will be holding meetings to provide students with information about the lifestyle, this is a great opportunity for students that would like to gain more knowledge and gather information. We would also like to discuss topics of interests and we can plan to discuss these in detail at future meetings.

Meetings could cover topics of interest such as  –

·         Animal Rights


·         Health & Nutrition

·         Mental Health

·         Sustainability

·         Zero Waste

·         Environment

·         Products

·         Cosmetics

·         Food

·         Companies

·         Job positions

·         Volunteering opportunities

We would also like to act as a support network for students and encourage students to contact or speak to us directly if they are having any issues inside or outside of college. This is so important, as we would like you to feel comfortable and know that you are not alone, if you are having any issues it is important that you speak up and know that you have support there if you need it. Iif you have any questions at all, or would like to receive more information please fill in the form below.