Our new ECSA-lent year!

Welcome back to the rest of your ECSA-lent Year! ?

Happy New Year to you all, now I know how happy you all are to be back and are eager to smash semester 2, and those of you who are just joining us were happy to have you as part of the team.

Now as many of you will have heard we are back into lockdown for the foreseeable future, but here at ECSA we are always a glass is half full bunch, so we want to get everyone's spirits up and looking forward to all of the exciting things we have coming up throughout the year.

Go Green new year pledges ?

Let's start with the Go Green, New Year pledges. The Go Green team is encouraging students to take up resolutions, pledging to make their lifestyles more sustainable and there are some fantastic prizes to be won. So, while the nights are still long why not find something other than the telly to fill those evenings? Try something new and environmentally friendly while challenging yourself a bit! More information about the pledges can be found here 

Zero-waste cooking series ?‍?

The Go Green Team are sharing a Zero Waste Cooking series, showing you how to reduce food waste by sharpening up those kitchen skills and making some tasty dishes. So, if your new year’s resolution was to cut down on food waste and get more use out of your kitchen this is something not to be missed!!

Live streams ?

We’re going to be continuing our Livestream on our virtual campus and social media throughout the year. This is a great place to come chat with us at ECSA and to see what we have been up to in an informal setting. We have had some great successes last year and it’s a place where you guys have got to chat with each other and raise any points you have.

Chat and that ?

We will be continuing our Chat and That which runs every Tuesday 12-1 and Thursday 4:15-5, this is a safe place for students to come along and to just talk to each other in a virtual setting outside of classes set up by our VP Activities Victoria. It is a space that is very much your own where you can meet new people that you may have never had the chance to otherwise. With every meeting having the chance to have new people inputting into the conversations the chat will never be dull  and we hope to see you there. Sessions will start back up from Tuesday 19th!

Sign up for the Chat & That Teams site 

ECSA Student Elections ??‍??‍???‍???‍?

Did you know I was an elected student officer? I was a student just like yourselves last year when I heard about the opportunity to become one of the 3 ECSA Full-time Officers. It is a paid role where I work full-time organising fun things for you to engage with, but also campaign and influence decisions within the college. This is an incredible opportunity to develop skills and get new experiences and guess what? The ECSA Student Elections are coming up! Keep your eyes peeled for nomination opening soon, however in the mean time, if you are interested let us know and we'll be in touch. 

I'm interested in becoming a student officer!

Wellbeing Wednesdays ✨

This support group has been made by our very own VP welfare Rose in partnership with students. This is a group that meets once a week to come together and support each other through these trying times virtually. This year has been rough and we all need a little respite or even a good moan and laugh and this is the place to get that much-loved self-healing with the support of others. There will be tips on how to cope as well as chats about different wellbeing themes. The Wednesday catch ups will start back up on Wednesday 20th January.

Join the Wellbeing Wednesday Teams site

Swap shop ♻

Our online swap shop will be back this year – where you’ll be able to donate & get your hands on second-hand clothes & books. This is the perfect place to send your items that are just too good to throw away but you no longer need cluttering up your home. Just because its place in your home is needed for other things doesn’t mean that someone else won't get a use out of them. Whilst COVID restrictions mean we can’t take donations or deliveries right now keep your eyes on the website for more info.

Visit the Go Green Hub

Check out the Swap Shop

Bike Maintenance Sessions ?

Go green will be once again working in partnership with Bike Station for Bike maintenance sessions. Have you or your family not been able to go for a bike ride because your bike needs some TLC? Or you don’t trust yourself with a youtube tutorial? Then this event is just for you. It’s a great chance to learn some new skills and get some use out of an old bike that just needs some TLC to be back to working shape. Sign up information to follow!

ECSA-llence Awards ???

Every year ECSA hosts student led teaching awards, where we ask students to nominate staff who have made a difference to their time at Edinburgh College. Nominations will open in March, so now is the time to start thinking about those great experiences you've had so far. The ECSA-llence Awards are always a great time of year because we hear from students across the college tell us how great their lecturers are and the staff really appreciate being recognised for all their hard work. Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon!

So wow we have a fair few things happening at the same time, but this is only the starting point were going to have many more things going on throughout the year so remember to stay tuned to our website site and our social media for news on new things happening.

Finally, welcome back everyone ?