Beth's Blog: Getting started for the year

Hey everybody, 

Excited to make my first post as your new Vice-President Welfare for Edinburgh College Students’ Association. 

Now we are a few weeks into the new term I thought I’d give you all a taster of what I’ve been up to so far within my new role within the Students’ Association. 

Firstly, I’d like to welcome all new and returning students within the college, I truly enjoyed assisting around 5500 students enrol into college during the Welcome Events. I hope you’re enjoying your course so far and grabbing every opportunity there is for you!

During the Welcome Events we asked students to complete an ECSA questionnaire, in which we are currently pulling data from so I can look into achieving more of a voice for liberation groups on campus and setting up an LGBT+ committee! 

We’ve just had our Freshers’ Fair for this year and I can honestly say I was thrilled to see so many students getting involved and engaging with the Students’ Association, including a number of students singing up for sports and activities and our c-card! 

I am very much looking forward to much more exciting events coming up throughout the year, including the events that the new Vice President Sports and Activities Cameron Conner and myself will be setting up which will be put towards the Healthy Body, Healthy Mind we are both working on this year. This is looking at Smoking, Sports and Mental Health across all four of our campuses. 

I’ll be organising various campaigns throughout the year that are linked to decreasing the stigma around mental health and working with liberation groups to raise more awareness for all. If this is something you’re passionate about, please drop me an email to  
Looking forward to a fully packed and exciting year! We have lots of opportunities for students to get involved and join us in making your college journey great! 

If you need any assistance, my door is open for all students or if you’d like to set up a new club or society even better, just get in touch with ECSA!