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About EC Students' Association

EC Students' Association is here to represent all students at Edinburgh College, which means what we do changes to suit the needs of students.

Mostly it's about ensuring students have the best experience at college. That can be working on big issues that affect everyone, like childcare funding, and how much money you have in your pocket. It can also be about commenting on the standards of facilities, teaching spaces, or the quality of food on campus.

The EC Students' Association tag line is "Powered by students, driven by values, committed to better" and that really is the mantra around here. The elected student officers (Skye, Luna and Jon) are the student voice when it comes to representing you in and out of the boardroom, but it doesn’t stop there. We work on a one-to-one basis with many students who walk through our office doors, on a range of issues including:

  • Bursary and childcare payments
  • Academic & disciplinary appeals support
  • C-card (free condoms)

If you feel like you need help, pop into any of our offices or drop us an email and we will do what we can to help. Don’t be shy, EC Students' Association exists to make things better for you as a student!

We also run lots of activities throughout the year that are fun and all about giving you great experiences & opportunities, such as:

  • Freshers' Week
  • Class Rep Meetings
  • Big Student Thank You Awards
  • Societies and Sports Clubs
  • Elections of Student Officers

EC Students' Association is a pretty small team, so we can’t do it all, not without your help! EC Students' Association can make big changes and do lots when people take an interest. So what are you waiting for?! Come volunteer, take part, get involved, and have fun!



EC Students' Association is a Scottish registered charity (SC028544), which means we are ultimately overseen by a Board of Trustees. Their responsibility is to ensure good governance, that we're administered effectively, and that we're operating within the law.

Our Board of Trustees are:

Skye Marriner - Chair of Trustees & Full-Time Officer Trustee

Skye represents the voice of students at the highest level in Edinburgh College, campaigning to make change with a specific focus on improving Education for students, and the overall student experience.

Luna Morrison - Full-Time Officer Trustee

Luna campaigns for all things welfare at Edinburgh College, arranging wellbeing fairs and mental health check-ins with students, as well advocating for diversity and inclusion across all campuses.

Jon Craig - Full-Time Officer Trustee

Jon is passionate about ensuring the student experience at Edinburgh College isn’t just based in the classroom. He runs our engagement programmes, including leading on clubs & societies.

Heather Innes - External Trustee & Vice Chair


Kirsten Koss - External Trustee

Garry Quigley - External Trustee

Garry Quigley joined EC Students' Association as an External Trustee in February 2023. As a former student president at the University of West Scotalnd, Garry continues to have a passion for improving the lives of students. With an extensive career background in research, auditing, and public affairs, he hopes to use his skills and experience to advance the work of EC Students' Association and improve the student experience for all those studying at Edinburgh College.

Dean Reilly - Student Trustee

Mikey Taylor - Student Trustee