Becoming a student

Studies show that almost 80% of students had mental health issues last year.

We understand that becoming a student can be a daunting task, an a difficult time for anyone of any age to enter into the magical world of student life. It’s not just all student parties, making friend’s, discounted prices for all your favorite shops and restaurants, and enjoying events such as fresher’s week. There are some more worrying aspects of student life that can become overwhelming, such as deadlines, funding, early mornings, worries of not fitting in or enjoying your course.

Everyone is different and will receive a different experience of being at college, but you are not alone! Many others are in the same boat as you and have many feelings of excited and fear, so do not worry.

There are a lot of support networks within the college which are shown on the portal page under Student Support. There is also posters situated over all campuses sign-posting where you can turn to if you need to have a chat with anyone.

NUS (National Union of Students) are heavily involved in mental health campaigns and even run their own project called Think Positive. Their aim is to find ways to support students experiencing mental ill health, tackle stigma and discrimination, and promote well-being in colleges and universities. NUS have advice for ‘Settling in to a new college’ on their webpage.

NHS are always a good place to turn too. They provide a lot of advice and tips on how to manage stress. They also allow you to look into health services they provide.

Remember student life is captivating, challenging, exciting and sets you up for your future, so whatever your background or age, have fun and keep healthy!