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Bullying? Be Smart, Don't Start!

Thursday 9th November 2017

What's it all about?

We are launching the Bullying? Be Smart, Don't Start campaign across all four of our campuses over the space of 2 weeks. It's all about providing you as students with key information on bullying and how to stop, report and support others! We have members of Police Scotland who will be attending the campaign, they'll provide you with futher information and you'll have the chance to enagage with them to enquire about how they deal with bullying. Also in attendance will be our Equalities Officer for the college, who'll be able to provide support and the correct guidelines for reporting any incidents relating to Bullying or Hate Crime that take place. 

Don't be put off! We have some exciting opportunties for you to interact on the day at the stall! 

How can you get involved?

On the day you will have the chance to create your own thoughts of what repect means to you and sharing your positive thoughts of encouraging others to try their best just by writing on the comment bubbles that we'll have available on the stall! We'll have various leaflets on the stall for you to take away. 

Don't be shy! Come and say hi! 


We'll be running the campaign from 10am-2pm on the following dates below:

Granton Campus

Monday 20th November
The Hub (Canteen Area)

Sighthill Campus

Tuesday 21st November
The street (Opposite canteen hall)

Midlothian Campus

Monday 27th November
Reception Area (Outside the ECSA office)

Milton Road Campus

Thusday 28th November
Reception Area

Be involved and tackle bullying head on!