Planning for the Future | ECSA

Planning for the Future

Here's our strategic objectives which set out ECSA will operate for the benefit of Edinburgh College students. Give us your thoughts or ask any questions using the webform below.


  1. To promote the work of ECSA to students across all campuses to develop a sense of ownership from our members by growing interactive digital communications
  2. To ensure key College dates and messages are effectively communicated to our members using a variety of mediums and reacting to student preferences
  3. To enhance ECSA’s reputation locally and nationally through national benchmarking tools, awards programmes & showcasing events, constantly challenging ourselves to develop and improve

Learning Experience

  1. To put students at the centre of shaping and enhancing their learning experience by cultivating robust student representation systems which are empowering, accessible and flexible to fit the specific needs of the students involved, course & subject area
  2. Work with partners across the College to ensure dialogue at a Class level can help inform wider College development and vice versa, through strong Quality Enhancement processes
  3. Showcase best practice of the partnership approach to learning & teaching enhancement, sharing successes and growing the College’s reputation in the sector


  1. Working closely with partners across the College to ensure that support is in the right place at the right time with a focus on reducing stress & anxiety for students, developing partnerships between ECSA & College support staff and positively impacting student retention rates
  2. Cultivate a culture of empowering and supporting students to be better equipped to help themselves by developing student internship opportunities on all 4 campuses and creating relevant & student-friendly “How to…” guides for common student challenges
  3. Gather and utilise data on casework to help inform ECSA campaigns throughout the year, making sure students get support through targeted intervention at an early stage and ECSA learns from negative student experiences to develop positive future outcomes


  1. Expand our ECSA Active Programme, leading College Sports and Societies across Scotland and harnessing a feeling of belonging between students and their college
  2. Overhaul our Officer Training Programme by developing a skills matrix to better assess areas of strengths & weaknesses in individual officer skills & knowledge, catering for specific support needs for the individuals and developing a benchmark for Student Officers before they even take office
  3. Develop a student training team, helping students develop personal skills and supporting other students through bite-sized training sessions, built around student needs