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Class Reps

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About the Class Rep system

EC Students' Association recruit, train and support the Class Reps at Edinburgh College. Every year, your class will elect two fellow students to be Class Reps. These representatives are vital to improve the learning and teaching experience at Edinburgh College.

Class Reps act as our eyes and ears, identifying and reporting issues at the class level, as well as working with us to create solutions. Being a Class Rep is very rewarding as you get to help shape and improve the college for current and future students.

Becoming a Class Rep is not a huge commitment - you will need to attend one training session, and  after that we host three or four meetings over the course of the year. After each meeting, we produce a report about what was discussed and the issues identified. This report is then presented to Edinburgh College's Senior Management Team for them to consider and improve on areas highlighted. You can read these previous reports, as well as other relevant documents such as our Class Rep Handbook, below.

If you have any questions about the Class Rep system at Edinburgh College please get in touch on

To sign up for training and the Rep Academy, login here with your EC number and password