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Our Awards

NUS Awards 2016

ECSA is going into its 5th year so relatively speaking we are still a young organisation. Not that it stops us and our members (students) achieving amazing things. ECSA have worked on lots of different projects over the last 5 years many of which have received national recognition due to the outstanding work of the students who got involved and wins ECSA made because of that commitment.

Some highlights include

Awarded the ‘NUS Scotland 2016 – Education award’:  For the work in creating processes and structures to allow students to be the key decision makers and influences in their educational journey. Seeking for a partnership approach to improving the quality of learning and teaching at the college.

Awarded the ‘NUS Scotland and NUS UK 2014 – Further Education Union of the Year‘ :For  creating the first partnership Agreement in the country adopted by a college. This document laid out the groundwork in how Edinburgh College and ECSA would work together to give students the best experience possible. This document went on to become a national benchmark

Officer Awards

NUS UK 2015  – Inspirational Woman leader – Zoe Croy a previous Vice President Women received this award for her work on sexual consent, women in STEM and her work to ensure women in leadership was something people would aspire too.

NUS UK 2014 – Womens Group of the year – Awarded to the students involved in national campaigns targeting lad culture on campus as well as ensuring women issues where being raised throughout the Independence referendum and around tackling childcare issues on campus.

LGBT Charter

ECSA has worked with the college to develop and embed an LGBT charter, working with engaging students and staff to create a more inclusive and welcoming College. This has included updating staff training and holding events throughout the academic calendar.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

ECSA is on track to be accredited as part of the national HBHM scheme. This ensures ECSA are working to foster an inclusive approach to health and well being by promoting physical activity and actively working on campaigns around mental health stigma, smoking and depression.

ECSA will continue to work for its members and is incredibly proud to be recognised for its previous, ongoing and future work.