The ECSA Swap Shop

Helping you to swap books and clothes with other students

As part of our Go Green project, ECSA will be setting up "swap shops" on our campuses. You can bring in your old clothes and books, and leave them for other students to use - or take anything you like the look of yourself. The aim is to help students to reduce the amount of stuff they send to landfill, and redistribute it to other students who might benefit. For example, rather than throwing away a textbook once you've finished your course, you could leave it at our swap shop for a student to use next year.

This is an example of what's sometimes called the circular economy. Rather than relying on new raw materials to create more new stuff, then disposing of it once you're done, the circular economy is about re-using or recycling old stuff into something that's wherever possible to keep resources moving in the economy. Just because something isn't useful or valuable to you anymore, it doesn't mean someone can't use it!

Swap Shop locations

Our swap shops will be on a campus near you very soon! Keep an eye out for updates on these. In the meantime, you can get in touch with us on if you'd like to make a donation!