Community Fridge

Helping you access free food

As part of our Go Green project, ECSA will be setting up a community fridge on all of our campuses. Community fridges are filled with donated food so members of the community can access free food that would have otherwise gone to waste. The aim is to allow our students and local community to acces free food in a way that reduces food being wasted.

Food waste has a big impact on global greenhouse gas emissions. Research by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) actually concluded that if food waste was a country, it would be the 3rd largest emitting country in the world! This equates to roughly 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, so if collective actionis taken to reduce food waste we could make a big reduction here.

Until we've managed to get our community fridges set up, why not go and check out our Food Waste tips, which suggest great ways to reduce your food waste and save yourself some money!

Here is an example of a community fridge at The University of Sheffield. 

Community Fridge locations

Look out for updates on where to find the community fridges at each campus soon!



Milton Road


Looking to donate?

If you are a local food business who would be interested in contributing to our community fridge, please get in touch to arrange a collection (