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Relaxation Station Tips

Thursday 16th November 2017

Opportunity for students to share positive thoughts surrounding mental health!

Following on from us launching the relaxation station campaign across all four of our campuses which looked at promoting a positive outlook for mental health to all sudents. We've now gathered your tips and they will be included within our next Healthy Body, Healthy Mind campaign that we'll be launching across all campuses. As the purpose of the campaign was to decrease high stress levels we were seeing across the college and trying to motivate students into thinking more about mental health as a topic and how they could promote it in a more positive light! We thought we'd give all students the opportunity to add more tips via the webform below we've included within this article or for those students who missed the launch to spread your positive thoughts to other students by taking a few mintues to fill out the questions. As mental health is a key topic included within our campaign work this year, we'd like this to be an on-going campaign so we can share as many positive thoughts as possible from students so we can see the stress levels decreasing here at Edinburgh College.