Are you ready to provide feedback about your course? 

It's time for the second round of Class Rep Conferences! It's incredible how fast time flies, it feels just like yesterday it was the first Class Rep Conferences.

At the last conference we discussed and gathered feedback about ‘Induction and Retention’ which helped us shape the feedback to bring back to Academic Council, Curriculum Leaders, Curriculum Managers, Heads of Faculties and the Senior Management Team.

Additionally, over the past 2 years, we have also identified what we call our ‘Big 5 Issues’ for students. At the last Conference it became clear that the 5 issues identified then are still as relevant now. The ‘Big 5 issues’ identified are as follows:

  • Funding
  • Transport
  • Course organisation
  • Mental health
  • Facilities

If you would like to read what came out of the last conference why not have a look at the Class Rep page for the report? 

So what's the topic of these Conferences? 

The answer is 'Feedback and Self-Evaluation'. 

Part of the role of being Class Rep is to attend Self-Evaluation meetings with Curriculum Leaders. To ensure all reps are prepared for these meetings we have put together a workshop on this topic. 

This is an opportunity to learn how to constructively provide feedback to the College about Learning and Teaching as well as understanding what is included in the Self-Evaluation process. 

All Class Rep Conferences take place from 12.15-14.15 

Midlothian - 27th Nov, Room 2-07
Sighthill – 29th Nov, Room 1-38
Milton Road – 4th Dec, Room G-62
Granton – 6th Dec, Room B-203

If you are a Class Rep and you haven't completed your training or haven't received any information from us, please drop us an email on