Are you looking to save money or get fit? Then join ECSA in pledging to change your travel! By travelling to college in a more sustainable fashion, not only can you keep the money you may spend on fuel or public transport, but walking and cycling are a great way to stay healthy and happy.

Travel Challenge

Not quite sold on the idea yet? To help motivate you to travel more sustainably to college, we're even going to throw in a prize worth around £10 for any student who makes a pledge that they manage to stick to! Simply fill in the registration form below, where you'll get an option to decide which change you'd like to make to your travel, and which prize you'd like to receive if you make the change. Everyone who successfully completes the challenge will also be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 shopping voucher with vintage store Beyond Retro!

In order to claim one of these prizes, you will need to pledge to travel to college in a more environmentally-friendly way than you currently do:

For example: if you currently drive by yourself you could pledge to share a lift, get the bus, cycle, or walk. Or, if you currently get the bus, you could pledge to cycle, or get off a few stops early and walk part of your jouney. 

Prizes are limited, so sign up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

Walking Challenge

If you already travel to college in the most sustainable way possible (walking and cycling) but would still like to get involved, we will also be launching a Walking Challenge from the 18th-29th March. Everyone who takes part will be given a step counter to track their steps for two weeks and the student with the best average daily step count will win a fitbit (one prize per campus). Even if you don't manage to win, you will get a reusable coffee cup when you return the step-counter.

Sign up or find out more

If you want to sign up to either challenge (or both!), just fill out the from below and we'll be in touch.

Still not sure, or want more information? We'll have a stall on campuses on the below dates from 12-2pm if you want to come and chat to us about this more:

- Tuesday 12th and Tuesday 19th March at Milton Road Campus (by reception)
- Wednesday 13th and Friday 22nd March at Sighthill Campus (by reception)
- Thursday 14th and and Wednesday 10th March at Granton Campus (by reception)
- Monday 18th March at Midlothian Campus (by reception)