Students across Edinburgh College have been nominating their lecturers, LDTs, support staff and class reps across 5 categories. The ECSA-llence Awards 2019 shortlisting panel has met and we can now share the shortlist and winners of our annual learning and teaching awards!

Due to the ongoing industrial action, we have done things a little differently this year. While we are announcing the shortlists and the winners here, we also followed Sarah Hay, ECSA President, around the campuses presenting the winners with their well-deserved awards and certificates. See how it all went above in our ECSA-llence Awards 2019 video.

189 members of staff were nominated for an award, with 689 nominations submitted in total. There is truly ECSA-llent work happening at Edinburgh College and we are thrilled to be able to recognise that, however it wouldn't have been possible without all the nominations from students across the institution. A massive thank you to all of you who submitted nominations! See below for the shortlisted nominees and winners for each category. 

We will be delivering certificates to all nominated staff in the next few days.

Innovation in the Classroom Award


Claire Waugh (Business & Finance)

Debbie Miller (Art & Design)


Billie Walker from Social Sciences

This is what Billie's students said: 

"Billie has been a true inspiration in the way she handles the lectures. She always includes a mix of teaching methods such as videos, interatives case studies or discussions. We (the students) are made to feel at ease, which allows us to contribute in class discussions without anxiety or worry about being judged. Billie should be commended for her 'can do' attitude, even when situations arise that are difficult to approach"

Feedback Award


Christopher Hamilton (Art & Design)

Lawrence Nowosad (Art & Design)


Pete Smith from Social Sciences

Here's what Pete's students had to say: 

"Pete always encourages his students and by believing in us our confidence has surged. His humour creates a relaxed environment for students to produce their best work, especially when providing feedback is it important to have the right atmosphere. Pete inspired me to write and I haven't stopped! He always takes the time to sit with you to explain feedback and work out a solution together. His input and support has been especially valuable in writing university applications and personal statements. Pete, you are fantastic! You could be a stand up comedian!"

Guiding Hand Award


Susie Sutherland (Health & Social Care)

Clara White (Professional Development)


Kara Tait (Learning Development Tutor)

Kara's students said: 

"Kara deserves the Guiding Hand award because she is a very nice and supportive person. You can go to her with any problem and she will help. She is funny and trustworthy. She tells good jokes and she always looks after us and keeps us safe. Kara is the best lecturer in the world"

Outstanding Lecturer of the Year


Margaret Christison (Health & Social Care)

Boyd Stewart (Professional Cookery)


Ellie Bell-Thomson from Art & Design

Here's what her students had to say: 

"Ellie is an amazing lecturer who is always positive and has the ability to work with everyone. She is genuine, talented, enthusiastic and she makes learning interesting and enjoyable. Ellie really made my time here at Edinburgh College great especially through all the support with my dyslexia. Ellie should be recognised for the time and patience she puts in and how she has inspired students, like myself within creative subjects, to be more themselves. Ellie has an impact beyond the classroom and is an absolute wonder woman! 

Class Rep of the Year


John Farrington (Engineering)

Amy Pollock-Hay (Social Sciences)


Sophia Paschall (Art & Design)

Here's what Sophia's classmates had to say: 

"Sophia has gone our of her way this year to help other students on the course as well as obtain better facilities in the art studio. She is always willing to listen if you need help and doesn't hesitate to take action when needed. She worked hard to get our classroom paper recycling bins, so we could cut down on our environmental impact. Sophia has really taken the role of class rep seriously and worked hard to represent the class when any issues have arisen."

Nominated Staff

Access and Continuing Education

Adam Wilson
Angela McLeod
Christopher Turnbull
Frances Moore
Hannah Johnston
Jamie Barton
Laura Quinn
Lorraine Ferries
Neal Black
Pam Sembay
Robbie Carruthers
Sacha Geeson
Stefanie Thomson

Art and Design

Aileen Bannatyne
Christopher Hamilton
Colette Woods
Debbie Miller
Ellie Bell-Thomson
Iain MacArthur
Kim Gunn
Kirstie Burn
Marie McKendrick
Neil Russell
Stavroula Fylachtou

Broadcast Media & Photography

Conor Wright
David Grinly
Fergus Robb
Fraser Mansell
Jo Whelan
Juliet Wood
Lawrence Nowosad
Paul Cowan
Raymond Keith
Walter McCrorie

Built Environment

Chris White
Craig Smith
Emma Lyon
Jim Wason
Kamali Srirangam
Keith Mothersole
Mark Peebles
Stephen Brown

Childhood Practice & SVQ Provision

Alan Laing
Angie Thomson
Catherine Groat
Duncan Munro
Jane Stevenson
Jill Robertson
Jo Cockburn
Kirsten Harrold
Lillian Burnett
Susan Craig
Susan Robertson

Community Based ESOL and Modern Languages

Caroline Cordier
Jordi Pitarch-Marquino


Colin Briggs
Duncan Walker
Frederick Johnson
George Mason
Jacek Kwiatkowski
Nick Bell
Nigel Kennington
Piotr Liniewski
Richard Evans
Ruth Porteous
Shaun Miller
Shirley McCue
Stephen Tyler
Tom Bain


Alex Groat
Colin Wilson
Norman Pettit
Robert Oliver


Alasdair Kellock
Alison Niven
Andrew Lawson
Callum Buchanan
Daniel Holland
Daniel Santos Reyes
David Burgoyne
Fraser Watson
Ian Records
Kieran Lydon
Linda Carragher
Lynsey Kemp
Malcolm Jeffrey
Martin McLean
Martin Tracey
Pauline Tait
Robert Irvine
Steven Frampton
Val Gilchrist
William Hadden

Enterprise and Commerce

Adam Conway
Andrew Newell
Carol Mair
Carron Pickett
Claire Waugh
Douglas Greatorex
Drew Dougall
Fraser Payne
Gill Bain
Jane Dunsmore
John Ogden
Katrina Pugh
Linda Livingston
Lynn Loudon
Lynsey Watson
Peter McPherson
Rik Weightman
Sarah Lynch
Shona Coyle

ESOL and English Language Teacher Training

Anne Knox
Jared Kropp-Thierry
Wendy Sandeman

Hair Beauty & Complementary Therapy

Adelle Smillie
Carol Lee
Claire Shirsinger
Fiona Weir
Jackie Dunbar
Jennifer Kelly
Jose Gonzalez
Kerry Haldane
Marion Main
Nichola Heneke
Nicola Paterson
Vicky Smith

Health Professions & Social Services

Aileen McCormack
Anne-Marie Moyes
Annmarie Hunter
Caroline Clements
Elaine Finnie
Elaine McGuire
Emma Harvey
Fiona Gray
Karen Young
Katie Shaw
Keith Harper
Kelli Noble
Linda Douglas
Lorna Caldwell
Lynn Reid
Margaret Christison
Michelle Caie
Muriel Stirling
Raewyn Thomson
Rose McKendry
Sharon Hall
Steph Martin Morin
Sue Torrance
Susan Menzies
Susie Sutherland

Learning Resources

Africa Moreno
Jennifer Ouson

Learning Support Department

Scott Duguid

Music & Sound Production

Andy Stentiford
Jess Abrams
Laurie Crump
Michael Hall
Richie Harrison
Robin Robertson
Rocio Banyuls-Bertomeu
Ross Duncan
Scott Hannah


Abbie Grove

Performing Arts

Amanda McNally
Ashling Findlay-Carroll
Clara Bloomfield
Diana Saunderson
Hannah Mason
Scott Johnston
Zelie Jennings

Professional Development

Ali Izatt
Clara White
Damien Swarbrick
David Hiddleston
David Wallace
Dawn Ross
Emma-Jane Hopkins
Gillian Laird
Jamie Murphy
Kara Tait
Karolina Smoter
Katie Thom
Kerry Lewis
Mark Quinn
Mhairi Shaw
Steven Graham-Smith
Stewart Paterson
Stuart McCullough
Tracey Livingstone

Schools and Young People

Abbie Meinart
Hazel Nichol

Social Sciences & Integrated Curriculum Services

Anne Patrick
Billie Walker
Davood Nasseri
Derek Devine
Diane Lauder
Donna Petrie
Elizabeth Hellewell
Eric Plumb
Gavin Boyd
Georgina Bruce
Harry Kogon
Jackie Hughes
Justin Noble
Leandro Ferraccioli
Liz Speirs
Lynne Mercer
Margaret MacDonald
Mario Fabiani
Mike Cowley
Norbert Waciega
Pete Smith
Stephen Cassidy

Sport & Fitness

Anna Ross
Craig Campbell
Craig Walkingshaw
Gemma Kay
George Thomson
Leisa Poole
Lisa Jones
Melanie Grier
Nicola McLauchlan
Ryan Mahoney
Simon Swanston

Student Funding

Carol Massa
Mark Walker