Throughout February we have hosted an activity challenge for students to get involved with supporting and raising awareness of LGBT History Month and LGBT Youth Scotland. When students signed up to the challenge they were asked to share a story about someone who is their unsung hero, whether a friend, family member or someone they don't know. This fit in with the theme of LGBT History Month 2021; Unsung Heroes. Below you can see some of the unsung heroes students shared. 

12 students took part in the challenge and pledged a variety of different activities with the majority walking everyday as well as students pledging to read for leisure or complete a form of exercise every day. 

As part of the activity challenge, students were encouraged to ask for sponsorship from Edinburgh College staff, friends and family in order for us to fundraise for LGBT Youth Scotland. They are an organisation supporting young LGBT+ people in Scotland in a supportive and inclusive environment. Like so many other organisations they have moved their services online and continue to offer young people a community. You can find out how to access their services on their website as well as more information about projects they run. 

Down to the hard work of the students, £241 has been raised directly to LGBT Youth Scotland and the fundraiser is still open until the end of February. Check out the Crowdfunder here.

The stories of unsung heroes of the students taking part has helped us celebrate the amazing support available in our communities as well as given us an opportunity to raise awareness of what it is like to be LGBT+ in Scotland in 2021. 

My unsung hero is....

My mum! She is always supportive of me and my journey and she keeps track of pride marches and although she doesn't really understand some things, she's always there to talk to. 

A mental health keyworker from SAMH. They helped me discover my interest in computed and encouraged me to study at college which has really changed my life. 

All the best friends out there! They are there to support us through all the stages of being LGBT+ and they are vital to the safety and wellbeing of most. Friends are the best types of allies. 

Working with students from diverse backgrounds and supporting protected characteristics is part of our commitment to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. You can find more information about our commitment here