Did you know you can get condoms and sanitary products free from our campus offices?


What is the C-Card Scheme? 

C-Card is a service set up by the NHS to provide free condoms and sexual health information in Edinburgh. 

How do I register? 

Not as scary as it sounds, the registration process is as simple as us giving you a little plastic card and taking note of its number, that’s it, you don’t need to give any details whatsoever.

Where can I use my card? 

You can use your card in any of our campus offices, even if you study at a different campus, you can also find a list of all Edinburgh and Lothians C-Card points on their website.

How do I use the service? 

Come along to one of our offices (or any other relevant c-card point) and a trained member of staff can assist, you don’t even need to ask out loud for condoms, just flash us your c-card. When you’re in the office we have displays where you can just take what you need. There are also handy posters that explain the difference between the condoms, so you can find the product that works for you. If there is something you would like but it’s not there please don’t hesitate to ask us. Some items like lube tubes and latex-free condoms are kept in the cupboard. Staff are also on hand to answer any questions you have or to signpost you to the relevant services.

Am I too young/old to use the service? 

There are two types of C-Card service C-Card Direct; for those aged 16 and over, and C-Card Plus for those under 16, which provides a more specialist service. We are a c-card direct point so can only issue condoms to those over the age of 16, however, there are no upper age limits. If you are under the age of 16 we can direct you to your closest service that can help.



Why are they free? 

So your period has started and you’ve had to take a pad or tampon from a friend. For most women, it's not the first time that's happened! This may have been as you didn’t have any on you or unfortunately you couldn’t afford to buy any products.  This situation has to change and as the first step, the Scottish Government has issued schools, colleges, and universities, funding to supply students with free sanitary products.

Where can I get sanitary products? 

You can access both pads and tampons from the Students' Association (ECSA) and Student Services offices. Alongside this, products are available in bathrooms across all campuses. All students can access these products, to ensure the new scheme is inclusive to our students who identify as trans. 

What products do you have? 

There are a small selection of tampons and pads in bathrooms and at the stands dotted about the college, and you can pick up Hey Girl ‘reusable period cups’ at our campus offices.

Eurgh what’s a ‘reusable period cup’? 

They are small silicone ‘cups’ that are inserted kind of like a tampon but carry none of the risks associated with tampons. It can take a bit to master your technique with cups but once doit all becomes second nature. Cups are useful for those that are active or have very heavy periods, as they are virtually leak-proof and can hold more than other products, meaning you can go longer without emptying. They are also great for the environment too! For more detailed info on period cups and FAQs, check out the Hey Girls website 

This is awesome, how can I let others know about this? 

What we would like you to do is to start shouting about this new scheme. Let’s break the stigma around periods and start the period poverty conversation and recognise this is a natural situation that most people deal with every month. 


If you have any questions You can contact ECSA at any point if you have any questions or suggestions about the scheme: contact@ecsa.scot or 0131 297 9500