This week is Deaf awareness week and to mark it we have teamed up with Fife College Students’ Association to celebrate our Deaf/hard of hearing students.

Deaf Awareness Week 2021 is focusing on ‘coming through it together’ and in that spirit we have worked in partnership with both Edinburgh College Equality Officer and Fife College Students’ Association to create some exciting content. 

Fife student Talli had a conversation with Jade VP Welfare of Fife College to talk about all the things not to say to a deaf person.


Edinburgh College student Aoife met (virtually) with Fife College student Talli to talk about their experience of being students who are deaf. They were also joined by a special guest, Layla, who famously taught Lewis Capaldi some BSL . We will share their conversation on our social media page later this week.

Throughout the week we will also be sharing some short BSL videos for you to learn some basic sign language, for example greetings, days of the week and numbers! These are recorded and presented by Alan Sanders. We will share videos and content across our social media platforms, so please feel free to share and let us know what you think.

If you are an Edinburgh College student who is hearing impaired, please remember all students can get support from the Learner Support Team as well as through the Wellbeing Team - you can contact them on and or check out the Wellbeing Hub on Moodle.