As part of ECSA's Black History Month celebration, we booked a private tour with Lisa William of Edinburgh Caribbean Association for the #BlackHistoryWalkingTour of Edinburgh!

Thank you to the students that attended! I hope that you had as enriching an experience as I did. 

I have always been aware that Scotland has a deep and complex history with the Carribbean and exploring this way really helped bring new life to the city that I thought I knew. Lisa's enthusiasm and passion made the tour a pleasure (despite the weather).

It was an amazing opportunity to connect with the cities past and lesser known stories. Many of the cities streets and buildings are older than they appear and there are soo many secret stories hidden within the walls and cobbles. 

Whether you're a keen historian or just love looking back at the places you know and putting different narratives to them, you're sure to learn something new and walk away with a different view of the city you know. 

If you would like more information about the tour you can get in touch with Lisa using or find her on social media on Instagram: @caribscot or Twitter: @edincarib 

You can get involved into many more events and activities on Edinburgh Caribbean Association website