Hey team, how's everyone been doing? How have your classes been? Have you had anything on your mind lately and just wanted someone to have a chat and check-in with you?

Well, this Friday at 11 am, I will be hosting a virtual check-in that is open to anyone to attend. This is an informal check-in call, to see how everyone's mental health is doing, I want you all to feel welcome that you can pop on the call and just have a chat with myself about anything that's been bothering you, cuppa tea’s/coffees are welcome.

(Virtual call so you must supply your own cuppa)

I have been doing these check-in calls semi-regularly throughout this semester to get to know you all, and see if you are facing any issues we can help with, and if we can it’s a space where you can talk about anything you want, even if it's you want to join the call to have a good vent about things that have been frustrating you.

I would also like to emphasise this is a safe space that everyone is free to voice their concerns.

Click here to Join Friday 11 AM 

 I hope to see you all there on Friday at 11 am,