We are launching our new "HelpZone" and appointment booking service to make getting the correct information, advice and support easier for students. This new service contains three sections:

  • Common Student Issues- Here you can get support with wellbeing and issues with funding, bullying or harassment. 
  • Student Policies and Procedures- This section contain a summary of each student policy or procedure, key points and links to the relevant information. 
  • Support Organisations- Here, you will find additional information and links to the organisations which can help with specific topics.

There is also a contact form available if you couldn't find the information you were looking for so we can assist you further. 

Additionally, you can book an appointment through our new direct appointment booking portal. You will be able to choose the purpose of the meeting such as support for the disciplinary, the place of a meeting either on campus or online and book an appropriate slot in the calendar. 

Click here to enter "HelpZone"