For those of you who don't know or were unsure, COP26 stands for the 26th Conference of the Parties. In other words, it's part of a regular schedule of UN Climate Conferences, and will be the largest gathering of Heads of States to ever be hosted in the UK! 

When and where is COP26 taking place?

COP26 is being hosted in Glasgow between the 31st of October and the 14th of November - although there will be events and protests held all across the country. There will be two zones that COP26 will function across in Glasgow - the Blue Zone and the Green Zone. The blue zone is where negotiations from 197 parties will take place, and the green zone is managed by the UK government as a platform for the general public.

How can you get involved at the College?

Our Go Green team are running a number of events throughout COP26 that you can get involved with! Come along to one of their stalls where you can look through our Swap Shop items and take anything you like for free, get some free active travel safety kit, and find out more about sustainability work at the College:

Information Stall Dates and Locations

- Monday 1st November: Sighthill Atrium, 12-2pm 
- Tuesday 2nd November: Midlothian Reception, 12:30-1:30pm
- Wednesday 3rd November: Granton Reception, 12-2pm
- Thursday 4th November: Milton Road Reception, 12-2pm

Sighthill Community Fridge Opening

On Monday afternoon, our Sighthill Community Fridge will be stocked for the first time! This is a place where you can pick up free food that would have otherwise gone to waste from local shops, and is set up on the first floor Sighthill mezzanine (outside our office). Come along on Monday after 3:30pm, or Tuesday morning to take anything you'd like from the fridge.

COP26 Q&A Panel Filming

The College are hosting a panel discussion about COP26 on Tuesday 2nd November that we want you all to have the opportunity to get involved with! There are limited spaces in the audience that you can apply for here, or you can submit a question ahead of time here too!

Ethical Banking Workshop

We're also running an Ethical Banking workshop from 4-5pm on Tuesday 2nd November, where you can find out how your banking decisions tie into sustainability. The 1 hour workshop will cover the history of banks, the current issues with our banking system and what we can do about it.

Sign up to receive the joining link and learn more about one of the biggest things you can do personally to tackle climate change! Sign up for this event here!

How can you get involved at COP26? 

There are a range of events taking place in the blue zone in Glasgow during COP26 - find out more here