Unsurprisingly, our fifth year of our annual learning & teaching awards has been a wee bit different. The entire nomination, short-listing, and awarding process has been completed whilst the country has been in lockdown and we all work from home. What hasn't changed, is the enthusiasm from students to get involved and tell us about some of their "ECSA-llent" experiences about being a student at Edinburgh College.

  • Almost 400 nominations from students
  • More than 200 people were nominated in at least 1 category
  • A student panel including the current President & President-elect short-listed the nominations

The awards for the winners of each category were also slightly different this year, with nominating students and awards winners recording a short video message as we unveiled the winners through our social media channels. If you didn't see it the first time round, you can watch the whole thing below



Everyone who was nominated will recieve a certificate of recognition from the Students' Associaiton complete with a quote from the student(s) who nominated them. A massive thanks to everyone who took part and well doen to the winners. You can view the shortlists for each category as well as full list of all those nominated in each cartegory here, and find out who the 2020 winners were below.


ECSA-llence Awards 2020 Winners:  

Feedback Award 

Prompt, clever or useful ways of delivering feedback to you about your work, learning or even your progress through college. 

Clara Bloomfield – Performing Arts 


Teaching from Home Award 

This award is for someone who has shown they are ahead of the curve and someone who has made studying from home work well through different methods and means.  

Samuel Docherty – Broadcast Media 


Guiding Hand Award 

This award recognises support staff such as LDTs, student services or library staff. This award recognises the community and support element that is so crucial to college life.  

Anna Dijker – Student Experience (Student Funding) 


Class Rep of the Year Award 

This is for the Rep who has gone above and beyond to help their classmates and leads their class in a representative way to ensure excellent learning and teaching.  

Holly Eunson – SWAP Access to Life Sciences Secondary Education 


Outstanding Lecturer of the Year Award 

This award is for those lecturers who truly go the extra mile for their students. They combine innovative teaching, excellent support for students and personify the best of the college.  

Christine Hutcheson – Engineering (Science)