As the academic year 2023-24 draws to a close, we get to look back and remember as well as celebrate all the great things we have worked on and achieved over the past 12 months in the shape of our Annual Impact report.

Skye, Jon, and Luna on a train, taking a selfie with smiles and thumbs upI’m very proud to present our Impact Report for 2023-2024 detailing all of our activity and achievements throughout this year.

I think it is important to highlight just how small our Students’ Association team is before reading this report. With a small, but mighty team of seven people consisting of three officers, three full-time staff and our Director, Al Wilson, we have been able to cover all four campuses and represent 25,000 students as well as working on committees, projects and partnerships across the college, the sector, and the country.

When you read this report with that in mind, you truly see the incredible impact we are able to have, despite our size.

Skye Marriner
President 2023-24

Al Wilson, outside Granton campus

2023-24 has been a whirlwind of a year that has, unfortunately, been characterised by the biggest disruption to students’ learning due to industrial action that we have seen in the history of our organisation.

Students have shown incredible maturity, understanding, and perseverance. As we look back on the year, a major reflection for me is that we should all show a little bit more understanding and trust with this incredible cohort of students who have, time and time again, shown their passion and drive for their subjects. 

Al Wilson


Click here for the PDF version of the Impact Report 2023-24