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Our new ECSA-lent year!

Welcome back to the rest of your ECSA-lent Year! 🎉

Happy New Year to you all, now I know how happy you all are to be back and are eager to smash semester 2, and those of you who are just joining us were happy to have you as part of the team.

Now as many of you will have heard we are back into lockdown for the foreseeable future, but here at ECSA we are always a glass is half full bunch, so we want to get everyone's spirits up and looking forward to all of the exciting things we have coming up throughout the year.

President's Blog: Winter is coming - are you ready?

Another blog post incoming from me, your President! I hope you are all well and adjusting to the dark nights and cold winter mornings that are now upon us. Halloween is officially over and you know what that means – Christmas is on the way! 

Christmas brings a whole new dimension for students…Christmas nights out and Christmas presents… how on earth do we manage to get through December and January on minimal income?

President's Update - Welcome

Since it has been the coldest summer in the UK for about 35 years, let me give all our new and returning students a warm welcome to Edinburgh College.

The welcome weeks seen around 5500 students pass through the doors of the college and it was a pleasure to be a part of the induction and meeting everyone who attended.

Presidents Update

Firstly, I would like to thank each and every one of the Students’ who voted in the Big Elections. It’s fair to say that despite the strike day we turned out in hundreds and voted to elect our Full Time Officers for next year.

Neal's blog: Wake Me Up When September Ends!!

Last week concluded our class rep talks and all that remains is for LDTs to register the elected reps and book them on the training. The training is slowly coming together and for the first time we will be launching our new class rep handbook which will be available to class reps for a quick glance reference guide to dealing with everyday student problems and issues.

Neal’s blog: 2 for 1 Special

Monday can only mean one thing and that’s our team meeting time. With a new month fast approaching and Freshers’ only a week away there was loads of planning and organising to do. We put the final pieces of the puzzle together and delegated specific tasks out to one another for ensuring the events run as smoothly as possible.