On Friday the 24th of September, we'll be taking part in the Climate Strike and associated protest outside the Scottish Parliament to highlight the importance of Climate Change. We will be joined by students and student officers from across Edinburgh, and we really hope you'll join us too!

Simply meet us outside Tron Kirk on the Royal Mile at 10:30am to walk down together for the start of the strike.

You can also join our Banner Making meetings at 12pm or 4pm on Wednesday 22nd September on Teams - just bring your cardboard, paint, pens and climate change puns while we make our banners for the Climate Strike on Friday. While we get crafty, you can also hear about our plans for Friday and get some tips on what to expect. 

For decades now, we have witnessed the effects of climate change, including changing temperatures and extreme weather changes such as floods or extreme heat waves. We can no longer delay action, and we need to make our voices heard as our future is at stake! We only have one home, planet Earth, and it is vital that we protect it. 

COP26 will be held in Glasgow this year, so we need to make sure that politicians in Scotland and beyond take the event seriously in order to tackle this important issue. For far too long governments around the world have delayed taking action to stop climate change, and time is running out. 

So please join us on Friday to make our voices heard!