This International Compost Awareness Week (2 - 8 May) we want to share some tips on composting and reducing your food waste - things that can save you money AND protect the planet!

The Compost Research and Education Foundation have loads of great links and tips on how to compost, whether this is in your garden or even indoors. This is a great way to put your food waste to use, which can in turn help you grow more food to eat!

There are also lots of other ways to reduce your environmental impact through considering your food waste. We've put together a Zero Waste Cooking Series that guides you through recipes that use parts of ingredients you might not know can be used, including a Veggie Stock recipe which is an amazing way to use your veg scraps before putting them into your compost.

To help you get involved, we're offering you the chance to win a reward worth £10 for keeping a simple food waste diary over a few weeks. All you need to do is sign up below and let us know how many bags of food waste you have in a week. Then, try our food waste reduction tips and let us know if your weekly food waste reduces!