In this section you will find the ECSA updates the Full Time Officers delivered to Class Reps at the conferences in November & December outlining what ECSA have been up to. 

The November Conference covered everything officers had been up ot since taking office on July 1st. From summer training and Freshers' Week to class rep recruitment & Training. It has been a full on semester 1. Each conference has a central theme after our update, a student specific issue that we ask reps to look at in more detail and tell us their thoughts and experiences with, The first conference looked at 'Retention'. That is how studentsare getting on at college. What barriers do they face when coming to college? Money? Mental Health Support? Reps really got into this and we produced 4 reports that we sent to the Management team of the college asking for serious change around key issues affecting you and your classmates. The reports from Each campus conference can be found here:

November Conference ECSA Update:

Retention Reports





The December Conference provided an update on elections, Healthy Body Healthy Mind and about launching our first ever online Class Rep Training (which you totally need to check out if you haven't already). The theme for that conference ws fiinding out 'Student Values' which ECSA will use to shape our startegic plan, and essentially sure the work we get up to is guided by the values student think are the most important to them. The work on this is still being colated and will be added at a later date.

December Conference ECSA Update: 

We've attached all of the work from class rep conferences so you can keep us in check, find out what hashappened if you missed anything (or just want a reminder). Please feel free to share with classmates or refer back to this throughout the year. Its important ECSA let you know what happens with the opinions and issues you raise with us. 


Check back for more updates and keep your eyes peeled for Semester 2 conferences.