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Luna Morrison

Luna Morrison
What are your top three priorities?: 

After learning all I have about the college and what's important to students, for the coming academic year my top three priorities are definitely:

1. Help all students regardless of age, gender, background or sexuality to access internal and external help for their mental health

2. Continuing to tackle the climate emergency we live in by holding the college accountable to their climate targets and pushing for more sustainable practices in class and around campus! 

3. Make the college a safer, more inclusive community driven space for all students, working with lecturers to make classes more accessible for all people!


What do you want to change that would improve the student experience?: 

I believe that Edinburgh college has a massive underlying systematic problem, tackling this with my knowledge of how the college works I feel I can make a serious change in how to college handles students with disabilities, international backgrounds and people on the gender or sexuality spectrum, making sure that all students are treated fairly and with transparancy and respect! I also believe that the way students are treated around the strike months are attrosious. I want to change the way that the college keeps information from the students, leading to confusion, misinfomation and instabitlity that we don't need!


Please describe in 50 words or less why students should vote for you: 

Voting for me is voting for the people, I've never been afraid to stand up for what's right, rocking the boat if needed to make sure that students are fairly represented in every meeting, class and discussion. I stand for inclusion, respect and loyalty to the students!


Status: Elected