Skye Marriner | Edinburgh College Students' Association

Skye Marriner

Position: President
Skye Marriner
What are your top three priorities?: 

Better support for personal troubles including funding, mental health and access to resources including signposting to external and internal orgs to provide support.

Clear, loud and unconditional support for minority groups and direct support for groups in the press and political conversations. With the backing of support groups and events that encourage and support open conversations and education around areas that are affected.

Increased support for students who have external commitments such as caring responsibilitys, jobs and hidden disabilities.


What do you want to change that would improve the student experience?: 

Giving more control to students about their personal learning experience and increasing transparency from all sectors of the college including staff, student services and board of management.


Please describe in 50 words or less why students should vote for you: 

I've always been a very open and friendly individual, which I've proven in my dedication to my role as VP welfare. As president I will bring my caring, compassionate, and selfless side to my political, business minded, focussed one, creating not just short term change but long term systematic change.


Status: Elected