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Jon Craig

Jon Craig
What are your top three priorities?: 

I want to use the Vice President Position for good, showcasing the arts in a positive and engaging manner through curricular and extracurricular activity

Fight discrimination against minorities with compassion and provide students with a strong backbone to help fight against exploitation

Fighting for student funding both in college and externally to help alleviate the pressures of the cost of living crisis


What do you want to change that would improve the student experience?: 

I want to use college space to show off the gifted and talented minds at Edinburgh college, I feel as though there's a lot to offer, doing this by hosting events both externally and internally, to create envigorating for all students.

I can't stand the idea of Edinburgh college having a reputation of hate and intolerance I have spoken to students who repeatedly mentioned aggressive and unnecessary actions from their peers for things they can't control. I will do everything in my power to provide support to those in need so they don't have to abandon their education. 

The cost of living crisis is hitting all of us hard, especially students and no one needs to struggle alone. Keeping support for students is extremely important to me, when I'm elected I will continue work on things like the community fridge to ensure that no one goes hungry whilst pursuing their dreams here at the college.


Please describe in 50 words or less why students should vote for you: 

Before running in the elections, I previously worked with ECSA to help with events. I'm extremely approachable, easy to talk to and will always support you, no matter personal, situational or hypothetical. I will always have your best interests at heart and will always care about students at Edinburgh college.


Status: Elected