Have you been worrying about the news that energy prices are increasing? We know this can be stressful, especially if you're already on a tight budget, so wanted to give you some useful tips at how you can reduce your home energy usage to hopefully keep your bills down too! 

Energy Saving Trust tips to save money on your energy bills:

  • Save up to £55 a year by turning applicances off standby
  • Save around £20 a year by turning lights off when they aren't needed
  • Save around £28 a year by reducing the amount of times you use your washing machine, and wash at 30 degrees celcius
  • Save up to £60 a year by hanging washing on racks instead of using the tumble drier
  • Save money by every minute you reduce your shower by
  • Save £11 a year by only boiling the amount of water you need in the kettle
  • Save around £14 a year by using your dishwasher one less time per week

Find out more on how to make these savings through this Energy Saving Trust article. 

Even more tips to save energy (and money):

  • Turn your heating thermostat down - turning it down by just 1 degree celcius can save up to £80 a year
  • Save around £25 a year by using a basin to wash your dishes in, rather than keeping the tap running
  • Use LED lightbulbs
  • Save around £25 a year by getting draught excluders for any doors and windows with gaps around them to keep the heat in
  • Cook with a lid on your pans to use the heat more efficiently

If you have money to invest into your homes efficiency:

  • Buy a water-efficient shower head, to save up to £195 a year in your household
  • Save up to £45 a year by draught-proofing your home
  • Install wall and roof insulation
  • Install double glazing
  • Buy energy efficient appliances, such as dishwashers, fridges and washing machines
  • Install a new, energy efficient boiler or alternative heating system

We hope these tips are useful for you - we also have more money saving tips for our students here.