We are hosting an activity challenge for you to get involved with supporting and raising awareness of LGBT History Month and LGBT Youth Scotland. Throughout the month we will be sharing stories and fundraising, so please consider getting involved.

The theme for LGBT History month 2021 is 'unsung heroes' so as part of the activity challenge we will ask students to share a story about someone who is their unsung hero, whether it is a friend, family member or even themselves. These stories will help us celebrate the amazing support available in our communities as well as give us an opportunity to raise awareness of what it is like to be LGBT+ in Scotland in 2021. 

Want to get involved? Read on below! 

We have set up this activity challenge in the most accessible way - you don't have to be an olympic athlete to take part, you can pledge exactly how you want to take part depending on what you fancy doing. 

A couple of pointers on how it'll work: 

  1. Sign up to take part in the pledge
  2. Pledge some form of activity (Go for a walk every day, do some form of exercise every day, take a picture of something you are grateful for - the options are endless)
  3. Share why you are getting involved and who your unsung hero is
  4. Join the Teams site, where we will be motivating each other to keep going as well as sharing stories of our unsung heroes
  5. Share the fundraising page so we can support the great work of LGBT Youth Scotland, donate if you can or ask someone to sponsor your pledge

Sign up to take part here

We are fundraising for LGBT Youth Scotland throughout February. They are an organisation supporting young LGBT+ people in Scotland in a supportive and inclusive environment. Like so many other organisations they have moved their services online and continue to offer young people a community. You can find out how to access their services on their website as well as more information about projects they run.