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Black Students

My name is Shuwanna Aaron I am NUS Scotland Black Students’ Officer (BSO). The Black Students’ Campaign (BSC) represents students from African, Asian, Arab, and Caribbean communities at a local and national level on all issues affecting them.

Before being elected BSO I convened the BME Liberation group at Edinburgh University, ran the African and Caribbean society and sat on NUS Scotland Black Women’s committee. These roles gave me the confidence to run for BSO with the aspiration of forging stronger relationships with associations and elected representatives to champion the political and welfare needs of black students.
My priorities are:

  • Building representation and leadership by supporting the development of BSO roles within unions with the capacity, extending campaigns for intersectional (that’s liberation campaigns working together) and liberated curriculums, supporting Black History Month programmes and strengthening relationships between students’ associations and the BSC.

I want to start building our network of Black activists right from the start of the year, so please get in touch and let me know who your Black students’ officer, or main contact for the campaign, is on your campus!

  • Fighting Racism and Fascism by campaigning against the PREVENT duty and developing a best practice guide which promotes “community responsibility” for reporting acts of racism, supporting victims and creating effective processes for dealing with reported incidents.
  • Campaigning for International peace and justice through #RefugeesWelcome, #BlackLivesMatter and BDS movements, and campaigning for better access to education for refugees, asylum seekers and international students.
  • Strengthening Women’s representation by hosting workshops to support black women in leadership and tackling the under-representation of black women in society.
  • Working with Students’ Associations and elected officers on their own campaigns and projects on campus.

I am extremely excited and humbled to work with others to ensure that students from African, Asian, Arab, and Caribbean communities have their voices heard and their needs met. Please do contact me if you wish to be involved in the working being done by the BSC or if you want our support with your own campaigns.

Peace and Solidarity
Shuwanna Aaron