Contact us for free items to help you walk and cycle safely

Are you wanting to walk or cycle, but are worried about how dark it's getting in the mornings and at night? We've got you covered with free bike lights and high-vis items so you can stay safe while travelling actively. If you'd like to get a pack of these free items, simply pop into one of our offices (opening hours on the front page of our website), or email us on expressing your interest!

Not only is walking and cycling better for the environment, it’s also great for improving your health and wellbeing (especially at a time of year where the darker and gloomier weather can often have an impact on our mood). On that note, if you are experiencing poor mental health because of these changes (or due to anything else affecting you), please do visit our Support Organisations page, where there are links and numbers for a range of great organisations who are there to help you.

Cycling at night - what you need to know:

  • It's the law to have lights and reflectors on your bike - a white light at the front and a red light at the rear
  • Not having lights means a £50 penalty - per light
  • Use a red reflector (and amber pedal reflectors if your bike was manufactured after 1 October 1985).
  • A single helmet mounted light is not a substitute for the legal requirement for cycle lights.
  • Flashing lights are permitted, but you should use a steady, bright front light where there’s no street lighting.
  • Dynamo powered lights (such as those found on Just Eat Cycles) are legal.
  • It’s permitted to have your lights turned off, but only when stationary on the left of the roadside.
  • It’s legal to fit extra lamps and reflectors, but the most basic rule is still relevant – white lights at the front and red lights at the rear.
  • Position lights centrally (when viewed from the front or rear of the bike) and up to 150cm from the ground.