Recent announcements from the Scottish Government are seeing us all continuing to spend more time at home. For many of us this has been really challenging but, it can be a great opportunity too! Spending more time at home is a great opportunity to shake up your habits and see if you can take on some more sustainable practices from home. Habits that can not only help save the planet but can save you money too! 

With that in mind, we've created a Sustainability at Home guide! This guide is here to help you with tips on: 

  • How to improve your energy and water usage
  • How to eat more sustainably 
  • Sustainbable swaps for products you use everyday 
  • And, some great recommendation on where to find out more - podcasts, books and social media 

Check it out on the Go Green Hub NOW! And, get in touch if you have any other helpful tips you think we should add ?