It's Plastic Free July - the perfect time to start (or continue to) reduce the plastic in your lives. We want to help make those changes easier for you, so will be focussing on a key theme each week. Here are out top tips on ways to reduce your plastic around the house...]

Self-care can be plastic free, try these easy switches: 

  • Swap out your bottles of hair care with shampoo and conditioner bars - they create just as many bubbles and last well. 
  • Use bars of soap rather than bottled liquid soap - soap bars are also more effective for killing bacteria and viruses while washing your hands.
  • If you choose to shave, try a resuable razor which means you only need to replace the blade as they become blunt. 
  • Make your own cotton pads out of old tshirts or other cotton material, once used, put it in the wash and use again and again. 


There are so many ways to use less plastic when it comes to household cleaning - why not try out some of these options this summer:

  • By plastic-free scourers and washing up brushes.
  • Make your own cleaning products using items such as bicarbonate of sode, lemon and vinegar.
  • Get cleaning sprays such as Ocean Saver or Smol, which come in a reusable bottle then a capsule of cleaning liquid to add to water!


Try removing plastic from the food you buy and the way you store it:

  • Visit zero-waste shops: An easy way to avoid plastic and packaging while food shopping is to go to Zero Waste shops! There are plenty of them around Edinburgh that you can find in our Ethical Consumer guide.
  • Buy loose or in bulk: When shopping in supermarkets, keep an eye out for items that have less waste (e.g. getting loose fruit and veg instead of packets).
  • Say no to plastic shopping bags: Don't forget to take your own bags when going for your food shop, always pack more to be on the safe side. 
  • Use alterantives to cling film: If you've made food and have leftovers, use beeswax covers or a plate to cover your food rather than clingfilm, or a re-usable tupperware.
  • Reuse storage solutions: Save glass jars so you can use them to store dried foods and take them to refill shops. Wash and reuse zip lock packagaing, for example cheese packets, to use again and again! 

How many of these things are you doing already? Come back next week for more tips to reduce your plastic use this month!