ECSA's Go Green Hubs are now open on campus!

The Go Green team have set up Go Green Hubs on all campuses, where you can find our Community Fridges and Swap Shops. These are set up in the following areas:

  • Sighthill - up the stairs in the Atrium, outside the ECSA office
  • Granton - in the Hub, near the main entrance on the Morrisons side
  • Milton Road - in the reception area, under the stairs
  • Midlothian - in the reception area, outside the ECSA office

To find out more about each of these go to our website Go Green Hub, especially for Community Fridge opening times.

The Community Fridge is where students will have access to lots of free delicious food! The products on offer have been donated by local supermarkets that otherwise would have gone to waste.

The Swap Shop is the place to go if you want to pick up some fabulous free clothing, books and accessories, and also where you can bring in any items that you no longer use so they can find a new home! This is an easy way to reduce how much waste we produce, as it lets items that are still in good condition to be used by other people once you don't have a use for it anymore!

In addition to this, the Go Green team also have lots of brilliant food waste tips on this page, as well as a 'Zero Waste Cooking Series' where you can get ideas on how to use more of the ingredients you have. The team can also provide you with travel advice either through their website, our personalised travel planning widget, or in person at the Go Green hub or in the ECSA office. To sweeten the deal and encourage you to travel in more active ways, they also have free high visibility items, as well as bike lights and bells to help you be more safe on the roads and paths now it's darker for more of the day!

If you are in need of any other help or advice on any of these initiatives, contact the Go Green team on