ECSA are here to help you with your New Year resolutions for 2021!

Do you want to save money or get active after Christmas? You can do both by travelling by more sustainable methods (walking, cycling, or public transport) for the essential journeys you make regularly - whether that's to work, or another essential purpose. Not only will these travel methods help with your physical and mental health whilst saving you money, they're also much better for the environment. 

Not quite sold on the idea yet? To help motivate you to travel more sustainably, ECSA is giving a reward worth £10 to any student who makes a pledge that they manage to stick to! Simply fill in the registration form below, where you'll get an option to decide which change you'd like to make to your travel, and which prize you'd like to receive if you make the change.

In order to claim one of these prizes, you will need to pledge to a more environmentally-friendly method of travel for an essential journey you make regularly. For example, if you currently get the bus, you could pledge to cycle, or get off a few stops early and walk part of your journey.

When travelling make sure to follow the Scottish Government COVID-19 guidance and follow their guidance on travelling safely.