Do you want to find some pre-loved clothes, books or small household items that are completely free for you to take? Look no further than our new online Swap Shop! 

Visit our swap shop!

What is a Swap Shop, you might be thinking. It's a place where you can exchange (or just take) items that other people have donated. Their purpose is to reduce waste by extending a product's life-cycle, which also has the knock on benefit of saving you some money! 

The production, use and disposal of clothes has a significant environmental impact. Did you know that around 30% of clothing in wardrobes have not been used for at least a year? Let’s change that together! Donate items you don't use anymore, pick up new ones that you need, and save money and resources whilst doing so. 

To arrange a time to donate any items you have and no longer want, simply email our Go Green team on