ECSA’s Swap Shop is calling out for more clothing donations to help keep our swap shop running and keep helping to reduce waste, whilst also help students in need. 

Since the beginning of last semester, we redistributed an estimated 1,200 kg (1.2 tonnes) of donations. The projected carbon saving for this amount is 3.6(tCO2e) – on the basis that 1kg of clothing saves c.3kg of CO2.  

To continue this achievement and hopefully keep even more clothing out of landfill, we need people to keep donating! We are currently seeing a gap in men’s clothing, so we are calling out for these types of donations, along with everything else. Below we have given some examples of what we do and do not accept to encourage the right kinds of donations. 

Some examples of donations we need are: 

  • T-shirts, tops, jumpers  

  • Dresses 

  • Trousers 

  • Jackets of all kinds 

  • Shoes of all kinds 

  • Children’s clothing 

  • Books 

Some examples of things we do not accept are: 

  • Underwear 

  • Swimming clothes 

  • Plastic toys  

  • Clothing with stains or damage 

To donate, you will find donations boxes at the swap shop on every campus in the Go Green Hubs. Pop your donations in – and we will do the rest!  

If it's been a while since you've visited our Go Green Hubs on campus, here's a short video on how to find them: