Useful tips for your own wellbeing | ECSA

Useful tips for your own wellbeing


  • Notice tension and take deep breaths to reduce it
  • Catching negative throughts and replacing them with positive ones
  • Take part in soothing activities e.g. colouring, reading etc
  • Write down what's gone well for you each day
  • Join a peer support group
  • Talk to someone if you're not doing well                              
  • Try breathing relaxation exercises 
  • Keep a diary


  • Take a break and go for a short walk
  • Make sure you are eating regulary 
  • Allow yourself to have the right amount of sleep
  • Take part in physcial activities e.g. gym, walking, swimming etc
  • Learn how to knit/crochet 
  • Keep Active 
  • Connect with others e.g. friends, family, community groups
  • Set realistic goals for yourself 


  • Create a budget
  • Look out for student discounts 
  • Download money management apps
  • Take care with credit cards
  • Set financial limits
  • Avoid full price items e.g. source items from Amazon, Ebay
  • Speak to student services at the college
  • Ask about the discretionary funding