What is Re-Open Nominations? | ECSA

What is Re-Open Nominations?

Who is RON?

Re-Open Nominations or 'RON' is a democratic mechanism to allow voters to choose not to elect any of the candidates in the election. If RON wins the election, then nominations will re-open and the election process will start from the beginning for this post


Why should you vote for RON?

You should vote RON if you feel the none of the candidates are up to the job.

However if you think that only one candidate is worth your vote, then you may choose to vote RON as your second choice. If there are two candidates that are worth your vote then you may choose to vote RON for the third choice, and so on.

You do not have to vote for RON at all of you don't want to.


What happens if RON wins?

If RON wins the election, nominations will be re-opened for that particular position. New candidates will have the opportunity to run for the position and those that ran previously will be able to run again