Today marks Care Day 2021 which is an international celebration of the Care Experienced community. At ECSA we champion all students, no matter their background and in line with Care Day 2021 we are launching a new student-led campaign: "I am Me!"

The "I am Me" campaign is dedicated to telling the story of students from all walks of life, who are all individuals with their own stories worth telling. Join us in celebrating the diversity of Edinburgh College students, by reading the first stories of 2 care-experienced students on the campaign site. We will be adding stories of students to the campaign, so if you want to share your story and journey as an Edinburgh College student please let us know.

Read Alistair and Rae's stories as well as more about the "I am Me" campaign

At ECSA and wider at Edinburgh College, we believe it is important to discuss care-experienced students as we often see from statistics that those students are more likely to fall behind on their studies in comparison to other students. To provide a support for students at Edinburgh College we have a care-experienced student group, where students can share tips and stories about their experience. You can join the group here 

The term “Care Experienced” refers to anyone who has been, or is currently in care. This care may have been provided in many different settings, such as:
  • Kinship care – living with a relative who is not your mum or dad.
  • Looked after at home – with the help of social work.
  • Residential care – living in a residential unit or school.
  • Foster care – living with foster carers.
  • Secure care – living in a secure unit.
  • Adoption

For more information about people who are care-experienced, check out Who Cares? Scotland

Edinburgh College Students’ Association takes its role as a champion for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion very seriously. We want to build an inclusive and empowering environment for all students so that they can fully participate in college life and enjoy their time at Edinburgh College.

We are committed to better and value the input of students. So if you would like to share your experiences of being an Edinburgh College student, please get in touch. For more information about our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion commitment see here