The month of June is Pride Month and is a great opportunity to celebrate the LGBT community and reflect on the history of the LGBT movement. The first Pride Parade took place in New York in 1970 and has since grown and developed  into a global movement in which every year LGBT activists and supporters take part in the parade to celebrate the hard won freedoms for the LGBT community. Pride month celebrates the positive changes whilst continuing to highlight the injustices that many members of the LGBT community continue to suffer. 

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, Edinburgh Pride has been postponed until next year. However, that won’t stop us! Throughout the month a lot of organisations are recommending lots of activities to celebrate as well as educate ourselves, for example, LGBT Youth Scotland is recommending people to organise a Pride Picnic, see more here. 

At ECSA, I have been working with the Equalities Officer, Bethany, to put together some content to raise awareness and celebrate. We recently had a chat about our shared experiences of being the B in the LGBT - check out the video below.

As part of the LGBT Charter work, we are evaluating the student experience of inclusivity at Edinburgh College. If you identify as LGBT+, please fill out this short survey about your experience at college

Pride parades and marches might be cancelled this year, but I am prouder than ever. The LGBT+ community is like nothing else, and I am a proud member. Let’s look after each other while fighting against the injustices. Happy Pride Month!

See below for recommendations for things to read and watch this Pride month. If you want to highlight any other recommendations, please let us know!


  • Pride
  • It’s a Sin
  • Queer as Folk
  • Pose
  • L Word - Generation Q


  • Hating Peter Thatchell
  • The Celluloid Closet
  • BBC iPlayer - Olly Alexander: Growing up Gay
  • BBC iPlayer - Queer Britain
  • Disclosure