ECSA is proud to present The GREAT BIG Student Thank you. An initiative that is all about recognising anyone who has helped you or your class through the last year at Edinburgh College.

At ECSA we know this year has been tough for everyone, but we also know there have been incredible people across the college who have made a real difference to students, to classmates and to the overall college experience.

We want to encourage students to pass on a bit of positivity after this difficult year, and what better way than to thank those who have made an impact. This could be another student, a lecturer, or a member of support staff.

All you need to do is fill in a short form with their name and why they deserve to be recognised. We'll pass your message of thanks on to the person you've highlighted. This is your chance to tell them about the impact they've made, so please give us as much detail about why they deserve a GREAT BIG thank you!

👉 Say thanks here (login using your EC number and password)