Welcome to all new Edinburgh College students and welcome back to those of you who have been with us before! In the coming weeks and months more of you will be invited to join us on campus and we cannot wait. This is an exciting time, however it is not without risks. COVID hasn’t gone away. 

As cases are rising, the nation is watching students and pupils return to campuses and looking for someone to blame. Let’s not give them the chance! Get vaccinated if you are eligible, to help protect yourself and others. 

Getting vaccinated is the right thing to do. Widespread take up of the vaccination will help build immunity and minimise the risks to all, not just on campus, but also at home and with your loved ones. We have a responsibility to do everything we can to keep each other safe.

Even if you have been vaccinated, talk to your family and friends about getting theirs. This is a community effort and we are all in this together.  

We know that some people are worried about possible side effects. There’s a lot of misinformation on social media at the moment and that leads to mistrust. But side effects are normally very mild – symptoms like a sore head, a sore arm, or tiredness normally last for just a couple of days. That’s better than the symptoms of COVID-19 itself, or long-COVID – which can go on for months and be much worse. Find out more about the vaccination programme and where you, your family, or your friends can get vaccinated on our Vaccination Page

Our message is clear, get vaccinated as soon as possible if you are eligible. There’s no time to waste, it is easy, free, and widely accessible. 

We have all been vaccinated and we continue to follow guidance on preventing the spread of the virus - we urge you to do the same. Even if you are double jabbed you can still spread the virus so please continue to wash those hands, get tested regularly and wear a mask. You can even pick up lateral flow test kits from reception if you are on campus - there are seven tests in each pack and you can take two packs away with you at a time, so that should keep you going for weeks!

Let’s keep each other safe. Get vaccinated if you can, wear face coverings on campus, wash your hands regularly, and keep using those test kits.

Please join us in taking this important step and get your COVID vaccine when you are eligible. By doing so, you ensure you are ready to join us on campus when you are invited to. 

Let's work together for better times ahead.


Rose Dodgson         

Jordan Wyllie
Vice President Welfare    

Victoria Browning
Vice President Activities