As part of our priority objectives for this year, we are working with partners to ensure the student voice is heard loud and strong at the next UK General Election. We don't yet know when the election will be, but we do know it will be held in 2024. Together, we are working on 3 key things, and you can be a part of it:

  1. Getting voter ID so that you can vote 
  2. Giving your opinion on issues impacting you
  3. Registering to vote


CitizenCardGetting voter ID

At the next UK General Election, everyone will need to provide Photo ID to be able to vote. 

To help make sure students have the relevant ID, the National Union of Students (NUS) have teamed up with CitizenCard to provide FREE Photo ID for students (usually £18). 

Photo ID is useful for lots of things, especially when you are applying for jobs, rental agreements, and, of course, proof of age - so, don't miss out, grab your FREE Photo ID using the  discount code "NUS" and save yourself £18 and a lot of hassle

Use discount code "NUS" to get it for FREE (usually £18)

Get Your Free Photo ID







Giving your opinion on issues impacting you

What Students ThinkAs students at Edinburgh College, you are not only represented by EC Students' Association, but also by the National Union of Students, who represent half a million students in Scotland, and seven million students across the UK. together, we're running a "What Students Think" campaign, gathering student opinion on a range of issues effecting you. We don;t just want to respond to the promises and positions that politicians take over the coming year, we want to tell them what they should be. We need as many students as possible to get invovled by voting online and setting the agenda for the next UK Government to follow. Click on the website below and have a click about to make your voice heard!

Get Involved






Registering to vote

Mre info to follow on this, but, statistically, the number of students who vote in elections is low, and this is largely becasue theya re not registered to vote. without a vote, you don't have a voice! So, we're going to be working with the local Electoral offices to ensure as many students as possible are registered and ready to vote in the next election.