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ECSA-llence Awards

ECSA-llence Awards Ceremony

The ECSA-llence Awards are about recognising the best of Edinburgh College. It's our way of thanking the extraordinary people at the college who make such a massive impact on us through their work, and to recognise their excellence and devotion to students. 

Do you have a lecturer that goes above and beyond the call of duty? Or do they give great feedback on assessment? Is their method of teaching innovative? Did a support staff member help you stay on at college? Or do you have a Class Rep that's an inspiration to yourself and/or others? It only takes a couple of minutes to submit your nomination - show the love for those that deserve it!

Please give as much information as you can in the supporting statement as that's the only information the judges will have to decide on. You can submit as many nominations as you like, but please keep them to one person at a time.

Award Categories

Feedback Award

Prompt, clever or useful ways of delivering feedback to you about your work, learning or even your progress through college. ECSA wants to know who does it and why does it help you learn?

Innovation in the Classroom Award

We want to recognise the lecturers that somehow are ahead of the curve, their classes are unique or interesting in a way that really makes you want to come to class and succeed!

Guiding Hand Award

This award is open to support staff such as LDTs, student services, or librarians who may have been involved in supporting you. Whether it’s with college work, mentoring you or helping sort something out with college so you could be here, this is award recognises the community and support element that is so crucial to college life.

Class Rep of the Year Award

We all know that one student who leads a study group in their spare time or goes out of their way to help classmates – this one is for them!

Outstanding Lecturer of the Year Award

This award is for those lecturers who go truly above and beyond for their students. They'll combine innovative teaching, excellent support for students, and personify the best of the college.